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Swim better
with less effort
- and enjoy more!

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With the help of Total Immersion, I teach you to swim with less effort, more enjoyable, and faster by swimming balanced and streamlined through the water instead of moving around in the water and moving around the water. * Once you have learned balance and streamlined shape, it is energy free and you can put your energy on forward propulsion. Read more...


gets a comfortable swimming style that takes you from splashes and exhaustion to gracefully and with little effort swimming through the water. In other words, energy-efficient adult crawl and more enjoyable swimming.


gets an increased efficiency and comfort in swimming, which saves energy for cycling in an excellent way.

Exercise, competition and master swimmers

gets a new joy and meaning in swimming by being able to move easily through the water.

In general, you will learn to swim faster through a smart, effective and individualized way of training according to the principles of Deliberate Practice**.

Transform your technique

Traditional swimming training focuses on arm pulls, leg kicks and swimming countless pool lengths. Total Immersion teaches you to swim with the same grace as a fish by becoming one with the water. Total Immersion emphasizes the same precision and finesse taught by martial arts masters. We start with simple skills and movements that are then put together into a whole. Focusing on details in a logical sequence is an important part.

Transform your experience

Many people aim to swim faster. However, they quickly learn that it is far more beneficial and satisfying to swim with grace and ease ... and that speed comes when this is mastered. You will feel the difference from your very first lesson with Total Immersion's intelligent, purposeful exercises and become more satisfied with each upcoming lesson.

Transform yourself

Total Immersion is the only one of all swimming improvement programs that teaches swimming as a practice - in the same conscious spirit as yoga or tai chi. Total Immersion gives by connecting body and soul an increased self-awareness and self-control, which leads to greater physical and mental well-being.

* According to a study , the efficiency of an ordinary tourist swimmer is 3%, ie of the force spent on swimming, 97% disappears in other than a forward movement. Michael Phelps is at 9% and dolphins at 80%.

** See reference in Books (Peak)

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