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Total Immersion

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TI is designed to help ANY human body move through the water
with less resistance and more synchronous movement.
Any skill level. Any speed. Any goal.
The biomechanics and fluid dynamics do not change

- Terry Laughlin

Total Immersion is about increasing efficiency - swimming a longer distance in the water and at the same time reducing energy use. To achieve this, we need to engage our mind and body differently from the "traditional" method of swimming.

The traditional mantra ' No pain - No gain' has been replaced by ' No brain - No gain'

The Most Graceful Freestyle Swimming by Shinji Takeuchi, master coach

When I learned Total Immersion, I pretended to be Shinji when I swam. I told it to a student, then he said " I pretend to be Johnny " 😂

Total Immersion Freestyle Swimming Demonstration by Terry Laughlin, head coach

Two free courses

These provide a good insight into Total Immersion


Total Immersion in Sweden


Facebook: TI Swimming, Sweden

Certified TI coaches



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Total Immersion Demonstration
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