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Welcome to Brinkvaken

which Cathy and I have built.


See current status

It is located at Svartöbrinken's bathing place, Brinkvaken (map)

Unfortunately, there are no good parking spaces in the immediate vicinity, as they have now put up no parking signs on the way there. I do not think the nearest residents would appreciate the increased traffic and parking near them. Perhaps the best thing is to park in Blacki's car park (map) and see the walking back and forth as a warm-up.

I tried to get a link to Google Maps with a drawn road, but it did not want to draw the forest road at the end. The map on the right is an image, as Google Maps did not like a saved gpx road either 😢. You can take other roads as well, but this is trampled at the end, so no deep snow walking is required (unless there is a lot of fresh snow). 😂

Welcome to enjoy!

Maybe winter swimming coaching can be interesting. In any case, follow the link to see further films from Brinkvaken.


Recommended walkway Blackis - Brinkvaken (approx. 700m)

The bathing itself

Read the advice on Thinking about winter swimming

Some practical things

Before bathing
  • Remove the cover

  • Tap away any ice

  • Take the steps

  • If it freezes, step on it or use the long stick

  • Remove the ice with the colander

  • Insert the steps and press it to the bottom

After bathing
  • Insert the steps with the rungs down and

  • so that it is kept underwater by the board on the edge.

  • Stamp it down or take the help of the long stick

  • For the lid to close tightly against the frame

    • Scrape the top of the frame with the yellow ice scraper

    • Scrape the outer edge on the underside of the lid

  • Put the lid on and make sure it closes tightly on all sides

  • Place colander, shovel, etc. on the lid

Brinkvaken 1.0
Brinkvaken 2.0 - Stege och lock
Hur svårt kan de va?

Current status

We have sawn up Brinkvaken

Anyone who is eager to take a dip is now welcome 😇
Feel free to help keep the ice hole open 💙❄️

20211204 Brinkvaken.jpg
Now the winter bathing season is over

Time to start swimming a little longer distances.

Watch out for the jet skis and use a Safer Swimmer to be seen!

We get to look forward to next winter and hope for a new icebreaker here.

The ice hole's bane has now approached Brinkvaken

The hole remains, but the frame, lid, ladder and other things have been removed.

For the stubborn one who still insists on swimming there, change on the beach and walk carefully away towards the hole. Do not be surprised if you make your own hole on the way there. It's just as good. Just sit back and enjoy. And you, bring ice picks to facilitate the ascent. 😂

Otherwise, the icebreaker gutter now has open water and has grown wide and begins to approach the shore, as soon as it is swimmable there as well. I hope to see you soon on a swim there or in Gäddviksströmmen.

Cathy, Bernie and I thank you for this icy season.

20210422 Svartöbrinken - avslutning PA1

Brinkvaken is still going strong!

A month ago, it was high tide that affected the wake, so we had to remove the frame. See picture below from March 3.

There were then a number of cold days and new ice froze, but not thick enough to reach down to the gamis. There was a layer of water between the nyis and the gamis. In any case, we could put the frame back.

The ice is about 10-15 cm thick, so it will probably last a while longer. The water between the ice max 20 cm at the actual wake and tapers out towards the barrier.

Right at the entrance at the height of the orange plow sticks, it is a bit sloppy in a couple of holes that are a maximum of 20 cm deep.

The steps can now be knitted under the nyisen

20210403 Svartöbrinken 2.jpg
Brinkvaken - upphöjd ram 1.jpg
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