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Basic Courses

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If your swimming feels uncomfortable ...

... laborious and/or slow, it does not have to feel like that at all due to poor shape. This is probably because you splash water around you, causing turbulence and resistance. In this course, you will learn how to use gravity to move with the water, instead of fighting against it. The result will be a more relaxed and energy efficient front crawl. Especially suited for triathlon.

In collaboration with the association Kallis Luleå, we offer a number of basic and advanced courses in Total Immersion. You need to be a member of Kallis Luleå (become a member) in order to participate.

Course structure

To facilitate and speed up learning, I use a workbook with film sequences, Ultra-Efficient Freestyle , which shows the basic exercises and which also justifies the point of each exercise. This can be used as preparation for the lessons where I am in the water and show myself and make sure that you perform the exercises correctly. If necessary, I also film to be able to show what it looks like, so you get a direct feedback and it is easier to correct. The workbook also works great for rehearsal after each lesson. Of course, the workbook can be used for studies and exercises on your own or with a friend.

All my coaching includes an introductory filming, a pre-film to later have as a comparison with the final film that is taken and analyzed. I also use filming during the lessons to be able to directly show how you swim or perform the drills. How you think you look and how you really look can differ significantly.

I have lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays every other week to provide space for more self-training and run for seven weeks. Four groups are planned. The exact groups that will be formed depend on the number of students. To get the most out of everyone, we will if possible try to get as homogeneous groups as possible.


Current courses

An 'eljest'* crawl course - basic course in Total Immersion


7 lessons taught using the Total Immersion's pedagogical and proven method with active participation from the coach in the pool, and additionally

  • Filming the first lesson to get a before-after movie

  • Filming the last lesson with analysis and tips on what needs to be focused on in the future

  • Filming as needed during the lessons to be able to provide direct visual feedback

  • Email after each lesson about what we did with appropriate links and with homework for next time


Every other Wednesday at 21:30 - 22:30

Note! Mar 27 is excluded

Group 1

Jan 17,31, Feb 14,28, Mar 13, Apr 3,17

Group 2

Jan 24, Feb 7,21, Mar 6, 20, Apr 10,24


every other Friday at 19:30 - 20:30

Note! Mar 29 is excluded (Good Friday)

Group 3

Jan 19, Feb 2,16, Mar 1,15, Apr 5,19

Grupp 4

Jan 26, Feb 9,23, Mar 8,22, Apr 12,26

Exactly which groups are formed depends on the number of students who register


Gammelstads badhus


You who are a member of Kallis Luleå and are able to swim at least 100 m of any swimming method

Participation fee

3500 kr

Member fee in Kallis Luleå (become a member)

200 kr

Number of participants

  4 ** per group

Course material (Mandatory)

Ultra-Efficient Freestyle workbook (ie the package with book, workbook, and films). You buy it yourself via the link above

Expression of interest

Email to
Enter the desired group or if the times of both groups fit


Email to




* eljest = otherwise

** In order to raise the quality, future courses will be run with only 4 students, i.e. more time for each student. When comparing prices with other people's courses, check how much average personal time you get. With 4 students, you get an average of 15 minutes per hour here.


  • It takes 4 students in a group for the course to be completed for that group

  • Your registration (booking) is binding

  • Invoicing takes place after the first course session

  • Since your booking refers to a service on a specific day or during a specific period of time, the right of cancellation does not apply according toThe Act on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises. (See the exceptions in Lagen om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler, in chapter 2, section 1 and 11). This means that if you drop out sometime after the start of the course or do not come to the course, you will still be liable for payment. You have reserved a place that someone else would have otherwise got and the course requirement is 4 students

Before and after Total Immersion

Self-taught swimmers and those who have taken traditional crawl courses, such as adult crawl courses, usually swim as in the "before" style. They crank their arms and kick their legs and work against the water. The "after" style shows how much easier it is to swim with the whole body in a synchronized way and work with the water.

How to practice effectively?

It's about getting the movements into the muscle memory. What is muscle memory? How does it work?

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