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Swim Gadgets

Use of tools

Should you use tools such as snorkel, dolme, hand paddles, kickboard and fins to improve your swimming? This is what Terry Laughlin, head TI coach and founder of Total Immersion Swimming, says:

"If a special tool causes the swimmer to turn a weakness into a strength, then it is useful. But if it is used to hide weaknesses, then it should be avoided."

Read more about how Terry develops his thoughts on this Swim Tools: Useful or “Contaminants?

Recommended tools


Tempo Trainer Pro

When traditional swimming training uses all kinds of aids, Total Immersion is limited to one, namely Tempo Trainer, which is a small electronic metronome that helps one to keep a certain pace. It can be set with an accuracy of 0.01 s. Because

speed = tempo * arm length

so you can swim faster by increasing the pace and maintaining the arm length. With the help of Tempo Trainer, you can, for example, practice swimming at a faster and faster pace and keep the technique. Simply increasing the pace and losing the armrest length does not lead to any speed increase. In the end, it's like slipping with shiny tires on ice.


Front snorkel

Very suitable for technical practice as you do not want the breathing to interfere with what you are focusing on.



SaferSwimmer is designed for safety when swimming in open water. It fulfills three important functions.

  1. The inflatable buoy floats behind you, without disturbing your swimming and makes you visible to boaters, jet skis etc.

  2. You can use SaferSwimmer as a buoyancy aid in an emergency

  3. SaferSwimmer is built as a waterproof container so you do not have to leave clothes, shoes, wallet, car keys, etc. without supervision on the beach or jetty

A must for swimming in open water simply!

Model XXL, 30 L , looks very good with its fluorescent color. Recommended!

Shipped when ordering from Finland. Very fast delivery!



To prevent water from entering your ears, earplugs are a great choice, especially for open water swimming where water in the ear canals can affect your balance.

These earplugs contain a membrane that keeps water out while allowing sound to pass through.

Silicone Earplugs
The silicone earplugs available at pharmacies are a good option. You can mold them into a ball and press them into your ear for a secure fit.


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