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Ultra-Efficient Freestyle

aka 1.0 Effortless Endurance Self-Coaching Course

Package: E-book + workbook + films + guide with explanatory pictures

Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle! is the title of an e-book by Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin. In addition, there is a workbook with films and a descriptive text with pictures that show and comment on details in the films.

NOTE! So it's about downloadable files and streamed films, not physical books.



Here you can read about the thoughts on Total Immersion and understand why it provides such energy-efficient swimming. You will learn a complex swimming, where the whole body is used in a synchronized way.  And how to swim to reach your goals, whether it's swimming faster, longer, smarter or simply more restful.



Here are films with the exercises that can be used on their own or as preparation and / or repetition in my courses or in my coaching in general.

(Streamed via the link further down)


Snapshots from the workbook with explanatory texts. It may be appropriate to print or have in your smartphone in a waterproof case to wear on the pool deck in pools where smartphones are permitted.


For you who want to learn energy-efficient swimming on your own or with a friend. I use the workbook including the films in connection with my coaching where you can use it as preparation for a lesson and as a rehearsal after. It simply functions as a course material.

Note that the basic drills are fewer and the sequence for learning is simpler and more streamlined than in previous material.

Highly recommended and mandatory in my basic courses.

Purchase the package by following these steps:

  1. Go to 1.0 Effortless Endurance Self-Coaching (Level 1 Freestyle Course)

  2. To get unlimited access choose  Buy $49.95 

  3. Complete the purchase

It is recommended to save the above link among your browser's bookmarks, so you have quick access to the videos when you want to watch them. Other materials are downloadable.

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