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When the first film below was broadcast on SVT in January 2020, it was largely Cathy, Lawrence and I who were active winter swimmers. After the feature, there were some who got in touch and wanted to try.

A year later, there were very many who bathed. The Facebook group, Vinterbad in Luleå , which is mentioned below, has more than 2100 members at the time of writing. In Sweden as a whole, it has also exploded.

20200107 1 SVT.jpg
Johnny Widén's heart has stopped beating twice since he started winter swimming

SVT 2020-01-07

Johnny Widén's heart has stopped beating twice since he started swimming in really cold water. Every day he clears ice in Gäddviksströmmen in Luleå to get his daily swim. See more...

20200107 2 SVT.jpg
See the bodily reactions after a winter bath

SVT 2020-01-07

More and more people are trying to go winter swimming. The perceived health effects of winter swimming are many - but some people should avoid the cold shock. See more...

20200403 SVT.jpg
From Malmö to Abisko - see the winter bathers who defy the cold

SVT 2020-04-03

Many Swedes have come to love winter baths and the joy, pain relief and stress reduction that they experience that the bath provides. In the clip you can see examples of winter bathing methods from all over the country. Despite times of social distancing, it is still possible to take a winter swim. See more...

20210108 SVT.jpg
Here they bathe in zero-degree water - greatly increased interest in winter swimming in Norrbotten

SVT 2020-01-07

More and more Luleå residents have become interested in winter swimming. Therefore, Pontus Wikström started a Facebook group about winter bathing and in just a few days he had over 200 followers. Now he wants Luleå municipality to start investing in the icy activity. See more...

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