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To think about when winter bathing


  • Talk to your doctor before bathing if you have high blood pressure, heart problems or epilepsy

  • Do not bathe with alcohol or drugs in the body

  • Never bathe alone

  • Feel free to wear a headdress

  • Have an insulating lying or sitting surface to stand on when changing

  • Feel free to use bathing shoes - any ice can be sharp

  • If you bathe without swimming

    • The fingers are very exposed

      •   Keep your hands above the water - use gloves if necessary

      •   Keep your bare hands on your thighs or armpits

  • If you crawl

    • Wear a swimming cap and goggles

    • Use earplugs (cold water in the ears affects balance)

    • Daylight is preferable

  • Feel free to bring a hot drink to warm you up with

  • If possible, a fire, especially for the hands

  • Sauna can be good, but if you have been for a long time, the heating should be slow


Before bathing

  • Feel free to warm up with some gymnastic movements

  • Be sure to arrange the towel, bathrobe and dry clothes packed in the correct order when you get up again

  • Relax and get a calm breathing


During bath

  • Go slowly into the water, be relaxed. Let your shoulders move away from your ears

  • Be sure to keep an eye on your breathing with calm breaths

    • After about 30 seconds, it may start to feel good the first few times

  • Do not stay for too long even if it feels good -
    your body temperature may continue to drop after you get up

    • Max 60 seconds the first time

      • If you then want to increase the time, do so by a few seconds at each bath

      • The goal is to avoid so-called after-drop as the body tries to warm itself with shaking

    • Do not dip your head if you are not used to winter bathers


After bath

  • Drink hot drinks

  • If you have been for a long time - warm up slowly

  • Excessive heating causes the cold blood in the extremities to cool down the internal organs more quickly, so-called afterdrop


Take a look at Winter Bath Coaching  to see some movie clips of some ice baths for the first time

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