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Before and after Total Immersion

Self-taught swimmers and those who have taken traditional crawl courses, such as courses in adult crawl, usually swim as in the "before" style. They wave their arms and kick with their legs and work towards the water. The "After" style shows how much easier it becomes to swim with your whole body in a synchronized way and work with the water. Watch the film


To facilitate and speed up learning, I use a workbook with film sequences, Ultra-Efficient Freestyle , which shows the basic exercises and which also justifies the point of each exercise. This can be used as preparation for the lessons where I am in the water and show myself and make sure that you perform the exercises correctly. If necessary, I also film to be able to show what it looks like, so you get a direct feedback and it is easier to correct. The workbook also works great for rehearsal after each lesson. Of course, the workbook can be used for studies and exercises on your own or with a friend. I recommend at least occasionally some personal or couple lesson to get feedback.

All my coaching includes an introductory filming, a pre-film to later have as a comparison with the final film that is taken and analyzed. I also use filming during the lessons to be able to directly show how you swim or perform the drills. How you think you look and how you really look can differ considerably.


I will be your personal trainer and coach you at times we agree.

I coach you and a friend at times we agree. The advantage here is that together you become both swimmers and coaches. You see how the other swims and by correcting any errors you become more aware of details that you can then take advantage of. You become each other's discussion partners and sounding board.



In collaboration with Lulekamraternas, a number of beginner and advanced courses are given in what is usually called adult crawl. See current offer under Courses. It can also be courses according to your own wishes, for example it can be part of a company's investment in wellness.



1 student

1h - 900 kr

3h - 2500 kr

5h - 3900 kr


2 students

1h - 600 kr

3h - 1700 kr

5h - 2700 kr

per student


4 students *

7h - 3400 kr

per student

* To increase the quality, future courses are run with only 4 students, ie more time for each student. When comparing prices with other people's courses, check how long the average personal time you get. For 4 students, you get an average of 15 minutes per hour.

How to practice effectively?

It is about getting the movements into the muscle memory. What is muscle memory? How does it work? Watch the film

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